Glam & Grace — About


Glam & Grace is a handcrafted beauty & lifestyle brand. Made in small batches, our cosmetics are non-toxic, silicone free, paraben free & cruelty free. Our top priority is bringing healthy high-end (and super fun) makeup to all you babes out there!

Hi guys, Amy here. The idea for Glam & Grace cosmetics began from my own personal need for non-toxic beauty products. Because of health issues, I developed severe sensitivities to chemicals. I needed products that were simple…products that didn’t cause irritation & inflammation - ones that weren’ t harmful to skin & health. I knew that if these were things I desperately needed, others needed them available too.

It became very clear that everything I put in and on my body was either healing or harmful. 

I was dealing with inflammation and my store bought, big beauty brand products were compounding the issue and making things worse. I started really paying attention to ingredients - becoming aware of all the chemicals in all the common items we buy and how unnecessary they are.

I studied and researched. I began creating my own cosmetics with simple, clean ingredients. I personally experienced an incredible difference - no more irritation and my skin looked better then ever. I combined a need for non-toxic products with my love for color & style…my mission was clear. Glam & Grace cosmetics was born and we’re here to promote a non-toxic lifestyle for all!

Amy Cornelius